Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving is a state of mind . . .

It's been an interesting kaleidoscope of a week for me.  For those who know me, you know that dates are pretty important to me.  I count forward and backward quite a bit:  "This time last year, I was . . . "   For that reason, while I have been completely enjoying my present, as sun sets and the kids are asleep and the house becomes quiet, the old "date-counter" kicks in and I start to think about where I've been.

Four years ago . . . I was expecting a baby, I knew that something was desperately wrong in my home, and I had no idea what the future might hold.  I spent lots of time in prayer, trying in a true Rapunzel-like fashion, to weave fear and worry into faith.

Three years ago . . . I was a single mother, working really hard to bring up my two children and help them enjoy the holiday.  I was one month cancer-free and celebrating the fact that God had brought healing into my life. 

Two years ago . . . I was settling into a new life, thinking that God had come in and sealed my future.  At the same time, I felt some "cracks" around the edges and was wondering why my miracle felt a little less than perfect.  Back to the Rapunzel-like spinning . . .

Today . . . I am celebrating where I am.  I am a confident mother of two gorgeous, exceptional children who make my life beautiful and full.  While I don't know the details of the future God has planned, I KNOW that He has a definite, complete plan for my life, and I am walking confidently toward it, focusing on Him.  (The spinning finally worked.)

Over the past four years, I've taken a journey of Thanksgiving.  I've learned to life the truth of the verse:  In whatsoever state you are, be therefore content, for this is the will of God concerning your life.  Things aren't perfect.  They aren't even easy.  But I'm not alone - He's with me!  And I am thankful that He is holding my hand. 

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