Friday, July 31, 2009

Faith is knowing that you don't take this journey alone

Yep. I’m in the Old Testament again. Something about it being in the beginning I guess. Another round of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob . . .

Today, I was reading about Abraham’s question to find a suitable wife for his son. The scripture seems to indicate that there wasn’t any real hurry for Isaac to marry, until his mother Sarah dies - then suddenly Abraham realizes that time is a-wastin’, and he better get that boy married off if he has any hope of grandchildren. But who to choose? Not a Canaanite woman for Isaac. So he calls in his faithful servant and sends him on an impossible mission: bring back the perfect woman. Understandably, the servant is skeptical - perfect woman? And what if I can’t even find your family? What if I find Ms. Perfect but she won’t come with me? What then? What if the camel has a flat in the desert?

Abraham makes a statement both simple and profound at once. “The Lord with whom I have walked, will send his angel with you and make your journey a success, so that you can get a wife for my son from my own clan and from my father’s family. Then, when you go to my clan, you will be released from my oath even if they refuse to give her to you - you will be released from my oath.” Abraham essentially tells his servant, “Have faith, you aren’t going alone - there’s an angel that’s going to help you out with the negotiations. And you’re still worried that she won’t agree to travel with you? Fine. You just go. That’s all. I have enough faith that God has already taken care of the problem. Just go. And it will be enough.”

The father of the faithful is best seen in this light - trusting calmly in the promise. How I wish my faith was to that level. It seems that most of the time I want to assist the Lord in bringing about His promises, and then I get frustrated when I can’t. To quote Priscilla McGruder, “Today I
face a mountain that alone I cannot climb.” I’m 34 and have lived for God my whole life. I should know better. I should have great faith. I should trust. And yet - I still want overall approval of the plan before I sign off on it . . .

Today, my prayer is that my faith will be built. That I will trust that God has already taken care of the problem before me. That he has sent his angels along to prepare my way, just because I asked Him too. My responsibility? To go and do the work set before me, trusting that He will do the rest.


Anonymous said...

A flat in the desert...LOL

Great post, as usual.

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